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The Afghan Ziegler or Chobi style is mainly made by Turkmen tribes of Afghanistan settled in the northern provinces of Faryab, Jawozjan, and Mazar-e-Sharif. The wool used is hand spun and then dyed using natural vegetable dyes before being hand knotted using a unique technique of twisting the yarn twice before double knotting the yarn.
The rugs are then transported to Pakistan where they are expertly finished including washing and trimming using the traditional methods.
The word ‘’Chobi ‘’ translates from Dari (traditional Afghan language) to mean ‘wood’, referring to the natural colours used in the designs which are created by the use of vegetable dyes.
Within the last three decades Ziegler designs have been rediscovered and the old ideas have been revived. The wool used is called Ghazni wool from central province of Afghanistan called ‘’Ghazni Province’’. 
Ziegler PC 46120 - 3.63 X 2.54

Gooch Oriental


Ziegler PC 46124 - 3.57 X 2.78

Gooch Oriental


Ziegler PC 46128 - 3.52 X 2.77

Gooch Oriental


Ziegler PC 46134 - 2.92 X 2.05

Gooch Oriental


Ziegler PC 46136 - 3.02 X 2.39

Gooch Oriental


Ziegler PC 47049 - 1.87 X 1.22

Gooch Oriental


Ziegler PC 47051 - 1.81 X 1.27

Gooch Oriental