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The Pictorial collection is very similar is design and style to that of the Khurjeen design. We started producing this collection in 2010 using traditional designs but with a slightly modern touch. Like Khurjeen rugs the Pictorial collection is woven and made by the same Hazara tribe based in central and Northern Afghanistan in the Bamyan and Kabul provinces.

We use Afghan Ghazni Wool which are hand spun using natural vegetable dyes such as Walnut, Pomegranate, Root plants and saffron. Once dyed and hand knotted onto a cotton warp base in Afghanistan the rugs are transported over to Pakistan where they are expertly finished including washing and trimming.

Pictorial PC 49686 - 1.96 X 1.56

Gooch Oriental


Pictorial PC 48099 - 2.05 X 1.46

Gooch Oriental


Pictorial PC 47751 - 1.94 X 1.57

Gooch Oriental


Pictorial PC 46972 - 2.09 X 1.49

Gooch Oriental