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The Loribaft Gabbeh collection is one of the most popular designs. Our main production areas of this quality is Dawlat Abad and Andkhoy in Faryab province of Afghanistan. The nomadic Uzbek and Turkmen tribe weave this specific Loribaft quality. The design we use are mainly inspired by the Persian Loribaft Gabbeh Designs.

Like our other qualities we use hand spun Ghazni Wool, the foundation is cotton and we use pure natural dyes and has approximately 140000+ knots in a sq-meter. Once dyed and hand knotted on a cotton warp base in Afghanistan the rugs are then transported over to Pakistan where they are expertly finished including washing and trimming. Our Loribaft quality is usually slightly thicker and coarser than some of our other qualities.

Loribaft PC 48664 - 2.42 X 1.70

Gooch Oriental