Ersari is one of the most important Turkoman tribes, it's people are considered among the best weavers of the 24 clans with the most specialist and smallest clans being Ersari and Tekke. Originally nomadic, these proud people are mostly settled in Northern Afghanistan in the area bordered by Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. These fine rugs are dyed using traditional natural vegetable dyes and then hand knotted in Northern Afghanistan before being transported over to Pakistan where they are expertly finished including washing and trimming.

The design remains traditional however in the last few years they have introduced a somewhat wider range of colours. These rugs are made using 100% hand spun wool on cotton warp.

We recently started weaving Ersari rugs with an aim to revive the Ersari rugs as authentically as possible using Ersari weavers in the Northern Afghanistan area, using their unique designs and qualities as mentioned.

In 1sqm of Ersari rugs there would be around 150000 +  knots which bearing in mind the unique quality of wool yarn allows for a fine density and lower pile to best showcase the pattern .

Care Instructions: Specialist cleaning recommended.

Use suction vacuum only, avoid rotating brushes which could damage your rug. We recommend using rug hold underlay to help protect your rug from moving and colour transfer.