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Jonathan's Trip to Pakistan - March 2022

Jonathan's second trip to Pakistan of 2022, started on Wednesday 23rd March from London Heathrow to Lahore, Pakistan. With a flight time of 8 hours and 25 minutes. Arriving into Lahore airport at 02:15am on Thursday 24th March.

Lahore airport is notorious for being fast paced and always very busy. It was straight to the hotel for some rest before being collected at 10:00am to start the day.

On Thursday 24th March, Jonathan visited 3 suppliers.

On Friday 25th March, Jonathan visited 4 suppliers.

On Saturday 26th March, Jonathan visited 4 suppliers.

On Sunday 27th March, Jonathan visited 3 suppliers.

Every day starts around 09:00AM and ends between 08:00PM-10:00PM.

Jonathan will always goes to all parts of the manufacturing process. This is from spinning the yarn, dyeing the wool, weaving, washing, clipping and then onto the final finishing stages.

On Monday 28th March, Jonathan had a 9 hour and 45 minute flight back home, where he landed safely back at London Heathrow for 04:45PM.

Back into the office for 08:00AM on Tuesday 29th March! 

All of the goods selected by Jonathan will be leaving Lahore in 3-4 weeks time. Sailing from port to port is 4 weeks from Lahore to Felixstowe, UK. We expect this shipment to arrive here around the end of May.

The team are excited to see what he's selected this time!