The Balouch rugs are made by different Nomadic tribes mainly living in western Afghanistan. The main job or livelihood of Balouch tribes consists of agriculture, raising sheep, goats and camels together with carpet weaving. This design of rug is generally woven using a mixture of wool from their livestock, giving a very soft and velvet finish to the rug. The yarns are all dyed and then hand knotted into a unique design in western Afghanistan before being transported over to Pakistan where they are expertly finished including washing and trimming.

The patterns used are mainly geometrical with curvilinear life trees, they are often designed as prayer carpets with prayer niche at one end.  The colours mainly featured are dark red, dark blue, black and brown.

The Knotted quality varies in balouch rugs since its very tribal/nomadic.

In 1sqm of Balouch rugs there would be around 95000 + knots giving a low-density pile.

Care Instructions: Specialist cleaning recommended.

Use suction vacuum only, avoid rotating brushes which could damage your rug. We recommend using rug hold underlay to help protect your rug from moving and colour transfer.